27 November 2016


In collaboration with the Bahrain Authority for Culture and Antiquities and the Chinese embassy and organized by Dragon City Bahrain, the Chinese Acrobatic show offered by “Anhui Acrobatic Troupe of China” took place in the Cultural Hall of the Bahrain National Museum, attracting an enthusiastic audience that completely packed the hall.

The troupe, which has gained great international acclaim since its establishment in 1956, has now won Bahrain as an addition to the list of countries where they successfully mesmerized their audience. Their show-stopping feats of agility, strength and grace include balancing acts as well as gymnastics.

A cloud of enchantment enveloped the hall for the duration of the show, which lasted about an hour and a half during which the attendants were utterly enraptured by the breath-taking performance. 13 skilled acrobats weaved through the air in stunning movements, amid beautiful stage setups and accompanying music.

Several distinguished guests were in attendance, including the ambassadors of the Chinese, Korean, Malaysian and Yemeni embassies, respectively. By the end of the show, people began to take pictures with the group, keen to preserve a memory of such a fantastic experience.